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A little bit about me, who I am, what are my passions, interests as a web designer, developer, gamer, music listener and more interesting – teacher.

Web Designer

… by profession and passion. I have been studying everything on my own. I have recently started working at a Marketing company which is giving me a lot of additional knowledge of the SEO and Web Design fields. Still have lots to learn and improve…


… by heart. I grew up with games. They help me keep my reactions faster, help with focusing and analytical thinking, decision making and much much more. I have been playing World of Warcraft for 10 years. What more to say…



… by education. I have graduated bachelor as Math and IT teacher. I have some experience as teacher but it isn’t really my thing. You know what the say “The one who can do it – does it, the one who can’t do it – teaches the others”…


Music Lover

… by life. Music is always around me. I listen to it from the moment I open my eyes, till the moment I close them. Music is everywhere. I can’t live without it. Deep, DnB, Chill…


A little bit of what I do and what I love to do. The best thing is to love what you do and do what you love…

Web Design

My interest recently became my profession. I have been participating in multiple web design contests and projects. I have won a web page re-design contest and hoping to achieve more.I have strong skills in HTML, CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, jQuery and more.

Graphic Design

I have also graphic design skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Fireworks and Corel Draw. You can check some of my projects where I have made some Photoshop touches, banners, layouts, mock-ups and many more.


This is something aside. It is connected with my biggest passion – the video games and more specifically – World of Warcraft. This is taking huge part of my life so probably I will be blogging about it. More info on this will be incoming soon…


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I would love to help with your new Design.

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